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We supply hardware to the small business market mostly on a request basis. We do not keep vast stocks of equipment. As such we do not operate as an on-line trader. However we occasionally grab special deals from our distributors which may interest our clients. These will normally feature on our active sister site Special offers may vary greatly in description and price as we supply anything from a mouse to servers and workstations.

We realise that businesses have an IT budget which is a fraction of previous years and so we are able to offer a balance between value for money and quality products and services. There are so many faceless service providers who will never take time to discuss exactly your business requirements. We realise that what may be ideal for one company, is not right for another. Therefore a bespoke platform and clean drawing board approach is used for each of our new clients.

For current special offers click on the FALCON247.COM  link.

With you for the "Long Run"

The IT sales and support industry is a very fickle beast. Many thousands of small business who have provided the type of services we offer have come and gone. Many within a short space of time and many causing disasters for the business they supplied and or supported. Falcon Media has been around for a very long time and with our low overhead approach to business, we will remain with you, our partners and clients, for the long run. 

Our Team are fully committed to providing you with the best possible service, We are here with you for the "Long Run".

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